Why Not Audiobooks?

This was questioned on a Harry Potter fan page I follow on Facebook when I mentioned that I have a dyslexic friend who has not read the series. People asked me, “why not have her use audiobooks?” I responded with “she has tried them and cannot get into them. And, I have also tried them and cannot get into them either.” This comment started a battle between me and a few others on the fan page because no one seemed to understand why I don’t like audiobooks. And the reason is, I don’t process spoken word in the same way most people do and by the time my brain has figured out what was said, I’ve missed what came next. I have to continually pause and rewind things in order to understand what is being said and it’s FRUSTRATING. And what frustrates me even more is people telling me that I just didn’t choose the right book. I’ve tried many audiobooks and they just don’t work for me AT ALL. But, at least I tried.

Rant Over

Thank you and goodbye 🙂

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