Changes To My Blog And How I Read 2019

So, I’ve decided to make some changes for next year regarding my blog and how I’m going to read my books.

Next year, I’m actually going to start doing monthly TBRs and wrap ups, just so I have some goals for the year. My monthly TBRs will obviously be along the lines of my yearly TBR but will have added books since I do tend to do that. I’ve decided to start doing these things because I’ve realised that even if I only read one or two books in the month, it’s still worth posting about because I can get my opinions on the books out there and maybe help people decide whether or not these books are right for them.

Also, I will no longer be buying physical copies of books unless I really need to. One such series that I really want and can’t get any other way is The Ulysses Moore series. They aren’t available in ebook, so physical books it is. I have a Kobo account and Kindle account and I feel like they are much better options for me right now. I live in a tiny house and I just don’t have room for books. I will still get subscription boxes, but I’ll be very picky about the ones I purchase just because I’m trying to save space. I’ve already bought the December FaeCrate and I’ve decided to also buy the December OwlCrate which both obviously have books in them (really wanted the goodies).

Also, next year, I’ll be able to start doing series reviews since I’m almost done with three of my series. I don’t tend to read standalone books even though I really would like to and I’d rather review the series as a whole rather than review each book on their own. Early next year I’ll have a series review for Land of Elyon by Patrick Carman, the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan and the Villians duology by VE Schwab.

Thats all for today. Thank you for reading! 😀

2 thoughts on “Changes To My Blog And How I Read 2019

  1. I’ve also stopped buying physical books unless I need to. I just don’t have the space for them now that I’ve moved across the country. I still haven’t come to terms with how that makes me feel. I do love collecting books, but it doesn’t seem feasible.


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