If You Like Otherworld, You Should Watch This…

I have recently started reading Otherworld by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller and it’s reminding me a lot of two shows I have watched in the past. I thought that this would be the perfect time to give you some show recommendations based on the book Otherworld.

Now, Otherworld is about a VR game that has recently started being Beta-Tested. It’s similar to the Oasis in Ready Player One where the gamers need a headset and haptic gloves in order to play. Only, later on we discover that Otherworld isn’t just a game, it’s something else entirely. And there’s a chance that if you die in game, you die in reality too.

One show that has a similar plot is Sword Art Online. This is an anime and focuses on a new MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) video game called Sword Art Online. The gamers wear headsets and haptic gloves in this one as well. In SAO, if you die in game, you die in real life. And there’s no escape. This show takes place over a period of two years, and later on delves into the psychological and physical repercussions of such a game.

Another show, or episode I should say is the Black Mirror episode Playtest. This episode focusses on our main character who, in order to make some money, participates in a play test for a large gaming company. The similarities between this one and Otherworld are the fact that both protagonists are testing out their games. In Playtest however, there’s no headset, but an implant that takes you into an augmented reality world.

I highly recommend you check both of those out if you do like Otherworld. It will be worth it 😀

Thanks for reading. Will write again soon.

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