Faecrate Unboxing: Of Gods and Monsters

Today, I’ll be unboxing my Faecrate box. I bought this box this month for 2 reasons: the fact that it was going to have a book based around Greek Mythology and the fact that there was going to be a Percy Jackson jumper/sweater in the box. So let’s get started!

This is the box. It’s purple with some quotes on the sides. When you open the box, you can see the spoiler card on top. The art print/spoiler card is on glossy paper instead of cardboard, but I’ll still blutak it to my wall.


When I take off the spoiler card, I can see the jumper/sweater poking up out of the box.

And when we take it out, it has a quote on it from the Percy Jackson series, which I’m almost finished. I love this jumper. I always get my jumpers one size bigger than my actual size, so a medium instead of a small. I find them warmer and cosier that way and this one does not disappoint.

Next up with have this strange thing. When I pulled it out, I thought it was some kind of light, but the content card says it’s a mug warmer. I’ll have to try it out at some point. It says Brisingr inside the fire which is really cool.

Then we have this gorgeous clutch inspired by The Last Namsara. I really like the quote. It’s making me want to read the book. I don’t really use clutches, so I might use it as a pencil case instead.

Next we have this gorgeous tapestry that matches the content card. It’s inspired by The Star-Touched Queen and says “show me a dream unrealised, don’t show me unchangeable paths.”

Then we have this calendar with art prints inspired by various books done by Gabi. It is so beautiful. Here is the print from my birth month, which is from the Infernal Devices.

And lastly, we have this months book which is Outrun the Wind by Elizabeth Tammi. This book follows one of the girls from The Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt was one of my favourite things in the Percy Jackson series, so it’s good to finally be able to read a book more focused on it. The Book also comes with a signed book plate, a letter from the author, a Throne of Glass Polaroid of Dorian and Chaol, and a bibliophile bumper sticker.

That’s all for my Faecrate box. It was great.

Thank you for reading. Bye!!!

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