#OWLCRATE UNBOXING: Whimsical Beasts

My Owlcrate came and I’m so excited to show you all what was inside. I absolutely love Owlcrate and this month was no different. So, let’s get to this unboxing.

As usual we have our content card. I think it’s a beautiful artwork.

Next was this Harry Potter inspired “Accio books” beanie. Not only is it from my favourite series, it’s also my favourite colour. I haven’t taken it off since I found it.

Then we have this Pixie Dust soap obviously inspired by Peter Pan. It’s wrapped in plastic, so I can’t smell it, but it is a beautiful colour.

Next is our second Harry Potter inspired item, an umbrella. It has all the magical creatures from the series on it. I really needed this as it’s been raining quite a lot in Australia lately.

Then we have this Haku keychain from Spirited Away. I saw this and recognised it immediately. I absolutely love Spirited Away. It’s the movie that introduced me to anime.

Next is this graphic novel, The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill. It looks really interesting and I can’t wait to dive into it.

Then, I found this beautiful bookmark which is inspired by this months book.

And a better picture of the quote for all those wondering what it says.

Then we have the enamel pin for the month.

and lastly, we have the book. Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Petro. this edition comes with the purple sprayed edges which looks absolutely stunning.

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing. Let me know what your favourite item is and thanks for reading. Bye 👋

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