March Wrap-Up

So, February wasn’t really my month and neither was March. I DNF’ed a book temporarily since I wasn’t exactly in the right mindset to be reading. However, I did end up picking up another book and finishing it and that was House of Secrets by Christopher Columbus and Ned Vizzini. I’m starting to get back into reading again. It’s been slow and it took me forever to really start reading. I read only a few pages a day in the beginning of reading and then as time went on I started reading more and more. By the end, I was back to 60 pages a day on average. I figured that if I read 2 hours non stop, especially when reading MG, I could get though 60 pages easily. Hopefully I get back to my goals and reading books from my Top 10 Books I Want To Read In 2019 TBR and my Owlcrate books, and Death Note.

So, House of Secrets got 5/5 stars.

It was a great action packed read where the story was always in motion. I managed to read 150 pages in one sitting, and that only ever happens when the book is really good and fast paced. I enjoyed it every time I picked it up. It still took me a while to get through, but that’s ok. I’m excited to continue on with the series. For more information on the book, click.

Again, I won’t be doing a TBR for April, but if I decide to do one, I will let you all know. I didn’t end up reading Hunger Games like I said I would because I might be getting the White special editions for my birthday, so I’ll be waiting until then to read them again.

I will be starting TBRs again in May.

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