February 2020 Wrap Up and March TBR

February just wasn’t my month. I fell into a bit of a slump and wasn’t really all that motivated to do anything, including reading. But I did managed to finish a few books, which is good. I did have a bit of trouble concentrating on some of the books, so have decided that I will read them at a later date. Anyways, let’s get to my reading stats.

This month I read 5 books, with a total page count of 2744 pages. I DNFed 3 books (one temporarily). DNFs do not count towards my reading goal, so my total page count does not include those books. The genres I read were 1 contemporary, 1 fantasy, 1 sci-fi and 2 dystopian. And the intended audience for these books were 4 YA and 1 Adult. 3 of the books were bought by me, and 2 were from the library.

Now, let’s get to the books.

If you read my post My First DNF OF 2020, you’ll know I DNFed The Fellowship of The Ring. That was a book I was really hoping to love, and I just didn’t. So, on that note,

The first book I finished in February was PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han and I gave it 4/5 stars. I do really enjoy these books and I do relate to Lara Jean quite a lot. We both lost our mums and have both had insecurity issues when it came to our boyfriends. The only issue I really had with this book was the use of the miscommunication trope. Things may have turned out differently if people actually talked to each other instead of bottling everything up. Also, LJ was so obsessed with talking about sex that I felt a little uncomfortable considering how childish she acts sometimes.

Next I read Our Dark Duet by VE Schwab and gave it 5/5 stars. This is such a beautifully written story. I love the writing style and the way that almost everything is connected to music. I love the characters and seeing how much they have changed since we last saw them. This is definitely a series I will reread.

Then I read Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff and I gave it 2/5 stars. I waited until I had a whole weekend to myself before picking this one up because I was so excited for it. However, I didn’t like it very much. I found it to be very boring, especially after the action-packed Godsgrave. I ended up having to get the audiobook in order to finish it and even then I barely got through it. I didn’t much like the way the narrator portrayed Mia or Mr Kindly, but thats just a small price to pay for getting an audiobook of a series you already loved and imagined yourself. The only reason I finished it was because I needed to find out what happened to Mia and learn more about what she was. The action did pick up around the 230 page mark, but it just wasn’t enough to make me satisfied. I may try to read it again later now that I know what I’m on for. This hasn’t dissuaded me from picking up the rest of Jay Kristoff’s books.

I then DNFed Battle of the Beasts (House of Secrets #2) by Christopher Columbus and Ned Vizzini. I just wasn’t feeling it at the time. I loved the first book, but this one just didn’t capture me.

Then I reread Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins and I gave it 3/5 stars. I do love this series, but this last book was not my favourite. I did like a lot of things about it such as Katniss’s PTSD and the twists, but it just wasn’t the best.

Next I DNFed (for now) Red Rising by Pierce Brown. This is a book that was very interesting and kept me wanting to read more, but it was also very dense and descriptive, which made me read it at a much slower pace than I would have liked. I will have to reread this book in order to really grasp it and hopefully enjoy it more, so I’ll probably end up picking it up again in March. I feel like I’ll understand it better with a reread and actually be able to get through it.

Then I read Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman and I gave it 4/5 stars. I listened to the audiobook as I read along in the book as recommended by Becca and the books. It was a really fun experience. I liked the formatting very much. It felt like I was learning the story through the files rather than the author just telling me everything. The full cast was phenomenal. The story was great. AIDAN was a very scary character. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Now for the March TBR.

I want to reread Red Rising even though I just read it. I feel like I can grasp it more since I’ll be reading something I’ve already read.

Then, Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan so I can finally finish The Heroes of Olympus series.

And hopefully, Reverie by Ryan La Sala. After that, I’ll just be going with what I feel like at the time.

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