Introducing My 2020 Reading Tracker

Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I posted here. Things have no been going well for me, and it’s probably the same with alot of people. I started off really well with my reading, but it all started to go downhill when I lost my job due to current events. But, now I am back at work (sort of) and much happier, so my reading has started to go back up. But, that is a post for another time. Today I want to show you all how I have been tracking my reading for the last year.

I saw alot of big youtubers posting their Digital Reading Trackers and I even downloaded some, but I found they didn’t work for me. They either had too many things to keep track of or too many statistics and I just didn’t like it. I wanted one that fit with how and what I read, and what I wanted to keep track of so I decided to make my own. I have even made my 2021 one as well, but will not be using it until next year.

On the first screen of my reading tracker, I have all the books I have read so far over the year. The lists I have are Title, Author, Series/#, Month Read, Started, Finished, Rating, Pages, Genre, Audience, Format and Acquired. The month, rating, genre, audience and format lists all have drop down menus as well. The month menu has all the months, the rating menu has the numbers 1-5. The genre menu is a list of the genres I read, which are classic, contemporary, dystopian, fantasy, graphic novel, manga and sci-fi. Audience has a drop down menu consisting of YA, adult or middle-grade. The format has ebook, audiobook and physical, and acquired has audible, bookbox, borrowed, bought, gift and library.

This is the first page of my Reading Tracker 🙂

The second page is all the library book I want to borrow. As you can see, I haven’t read many of them, so they will carry over to next year. There’s nothing really noteworthy about this page, as it is just as list with no connection to any of my statistics, but I wanted to show you anyway because it is part of my tracker.

Page 3 of my reading tracker is my monthly statistics. This page was a nightmare to create. I had to link every list on my first page to this page to get my statistics AND I had to do it TWELVE TIMES, one for each month. It was a gruelling process, but I am happy I did it because I can see all of my monthly statistics for each month very easily. You may notice I use tables instead of graphs, and the reason for that is because I cannot understand graphs. Alot of the reading trackers I downloaded used graphs and I couldn’t make sense of them. Anyway, I have each month colour coded and I think it looks really pretty.

And lastly, I have my yearly statistics. This one was much easier to do and doesn’t have as much information. This page just shows me how I did throughout the entire year. As you can see, I have alreasy read 59 books with a total of 20665 pages read over the course of the year. I like having this page because it gives me a broader overview of my reading.

And there you have it, my 2020 Reading Tracker. I loved making and using it throughout this year. It made keeping track of my reading much easier than writing everything in a journal. Having everything automatically link up to my monthly and yearly statistics made iy much easier to find out what kind of books I read and enjoyed as well.

Thank you for reading. BYES!!!

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