@Believathon: Did I Do It?/November Wrap Up

The answer is.... YES! I managed to complete all 10 prompts with my 6 books and managed to read an additional 3 books, as well as started another book, for a total of 9 and 3/4 BOOKS this month! This is such a big achievement for me since I usually get through two to three … Continue reading @Believathon: Did I Do It?/November Wrap Up

@BELIEVATHON TBR: My first ever readathon!

A few months ago, I mentioned that I don't participate in readathons, and my reasoning for that was that I could never read more than one book in one week. But now, Gavin at Gavin Hetherington has created a MONTH LONG READATHON. But not only is it a long-ish readathon, it's also completely dedicated to reading children's … Continue reading @BELIEVATHON TBR: My first ever readathon!