Sorcery of Thorns Review/Rant (SPOILERS)

I don’t usually do full reviews because I never usually have anything more to say than I already do. But with this book, I want to talk about it more. And the reason for this is because I didn’t like it, and the reasons I didn’t like it could have been easily fixed or just … Continue reading Sorcery of Thorns Review/Rant (SPOILERS)

@BELIEVATHON TBR: My first ever readathon!

A few months ago, I mentioned that I don't participate in readathons, and my reasoning for that was that I could never read more than one book in one week. But now, Gavin at Gavin Hetherington has created a MONTH LONG READATHON. But not only is it a long-ish readathon, it's also completely dedicated to reading children's … Continue reading @BELIEVATHON TBR: My first ever readathon!